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A fanmix for one of my rpg characters.

i. flying - james newton | ii. midnight city - m83 | iii. beautiful scum -  ashburry heights | iv. artificial nocturne - metric | v. grow up - simple plan | vi. time & space - the accidental | vii. apollo - astronaut | viii. u.f.o. - coldplay | ix. am i wrong? - nico & vinz | x. playground - sia | xi. twilight galaxy - metric | xii. space oddity - david bowie | xiii. wake up - arcade fire | xiv. explorers - muse | xv. aurora borealis - steven price

A constellation of tears on your lashes
Burn everything you love, then burn the ashes

Anonymous: "park seon yeong / hyomin avatars pleae (:"

I’ll try and do it next week if I can. (:

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ruthless-wolf: "Maisie Williams ? :robert::hihi:"

Je vais essayer. :haww: Sij’oubliepasentretemps (n’hésite pas à venir me harceler sur la cb de BP et à me lancer du tapioca dans le cas contraire)

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Come down to where all of the others fell, get lost in the dark to find yourself. [LISTEN]

i. somebody new - the amplifetes | ii. come with me now - kongos | iii. where the lonely ones roam -  digital daggers | iv. strong - london grammar | v. wine red - the hush sound | vi. seven nation army - the glitch mob | vii. do i wanna know ? - arctic monkeys | viii. monster - imagine dragons

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